[MontelLUG] LXDE morto, lunga vita a LXQt

Diego diego.ml a zoho.com
Gio 8 Maggio 2014 09:49:05 CEST

Ciao ragazzi,

dopo l'annuncio di circa un anno fa,  ora disponibile il successore di LXDE e 
di RazorQt: LXQt!


Interessanti anche queste note nell'annuncio:
"The Linux community sees many forks but never any merges."
The merge has been praised by a lot of members of this community.
The Maui Project has joined our efforts in creating a better Qt
desktop and together we hope to focus less on our differences and more
on what we share.
The KDE Project has, in their efforts in building the modular KDE
Frameworks, opened new doors for Qt developers working with desktop
libraries. KF5 libraries may soon power some LXQt components!
In the same spirit, I would like other desktops to consider this an
open invitation to come and talk to us about how we could benefit from
each other's work.


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